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Content Manager

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Very Attractive


Bachelor's Degree (Required)

About the Role

- Coordinate, manage and edit content from a group of 25+ vetted freelance writers, provide candid feedback and update performance tracker.
- Edit 20+ content pieces per week for B2B clients, this includes blogs, sales. copy, and landing pages.
- Research and write B2B focused work for client industries using industry terminology and developing thought leadership.
- Leverage SEO keyword research tools, exceptional grammar, and thorough understanding of conversion oriented SEO optimized copy.
- Work closely in a team of 7 focused on a select set of clients to ensure growth of traffic and leads in order to generate ROI for the clients.


  • 5+ years of copywriting Experience is a must

  • Excellent knowledge & understanding of SEO optimization.

  • Education background in Journalism, or English Major preferred.

  • Ability to research topics and write copy to adhere to tight deadlines.

  • 5+ years of experience writing for the following industries: Software, Industrial, Marketing Technology, or IT is a plus.

  • Proven experience producing consistent, high-quality copy and content for landing pages, blogs, eBooks, ad copy and other website assets.

  • Agency experience is a plus superb grammar and writing style ability.

  • Able to craft compelling content, target buyer persona while telling a story, and draft powerful copy for emails and landing pages to trigger emotions and drive action.

  • Ability to research into technical B2B niche topics and distill the concepts into understandable marketing copy.


Flexible working hours


Apply for this position by sending a cover letter and resume(CV) to

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February 28, 2024

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