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Crypto Markets Reporter

Job Type



Very Attractive


Bachelor's Degree (Required)

About the Role

- Must have a working understanding of blockchain technology, cryptography, smart contracts, and regulations.
- Must be able to work in a high-pressure environment and interact easily to work closely with a team of motivated reporters across all of our bureaus.
- Excellent writing/editing/interviewing skills.
- Ability to work under tight deadlines and pressure.
- Strong SEO skills to generate traffic to website.
- Excellent news judgment.


  • This reporter must have 5+ year experience and be comfortable in the digital realm and familiar with concepts like blockchain, cryptography, smart contracts, and government restrictions. 

  • Candidates should be well-versed in cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance, and economics, as well as having a firm grasp of current events, sound editorial judgement, and a meticulous eye for detail in their reporting. 

  • He or she should have a history of reporting in-depth and complicated stories, as well as the ability to think creatively, work well with others, and be entrepreneurial.

  • Working under pressure and with tight deadlines is a prerequisite. 

  • You need to be resourceful in tracking down and cultivating sources, creative in coming up with engaging new ways to convey information and stories, and organised enough to pull it all together.


Flexible working hours


Apply for this position by sending a cover letter and resume(CV) to

Hiring Insights

Hiring 2 candidates for this role


March 31, 2024

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