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Data Analyst

Job Type



Very Attractive


Bachelor's Degree (Required)

About the Role

- Lead the development of standard and customized reporting, dashboards, and analysis of information
- Lead the development of tools, methodologies, and statistical models.
- Provide hands-on development and support in creating and launching various tools and reporting methods.
- Develops analytical solutions and makes recommendations based on an understanding of the business strategy and stakeholder needs.
- Works with various data owners to discover and select available data from internal sources to fulfill analytical needs.
- Summarizes statistical findings and draws conclusions, presents actionable business recommendations. - - Presents findings & recommendations in a simple, clear way to drive action.
- Uses the appropriate algorithms to discover patterns.
- Works independently on a range of complex tasks, which may include unique situations.


Education, Certification:

  • Post Secondary Degree – Computer Science, Information Technology or other relevant degrees with curriculum related to data structures and analysis.

  • Minimum 5+ years of experience as an analyst.

  • Minimum 5+ years of knowledge of business intelligence tools and programming languages.

  • Advanced skills in data analysis and profiling, data mapping, data modeling, data lakes, and analytics.

  • Data Analytics: AWS Quicksight and Redshift.

  • Data Migration: solid in SQL and ETL.

  • Scripting and Integration: REST APIs, GraphQL, Nodejs, AWS Lambda/API Gateway.

  • Experience working with data mining and performing quantitative analysis.

  • Experience with Machine Learning algorithms and associated data sets.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Business acumen results-oriented

  • Proactive/takes initiative/self-starter

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Ability to create, coordinate and facilitate presentations

  • Time management, highly organized

  • Collaboration and Team Engagement

  • Analytical and Problem Solving

  • Data-driven/Metrics Driven

  • Data Cleaning and Importing

  • Data Manipulation

  • Power-BI

  • Mathematically minded / Intuitive


Flexible working hours


Apply for this position by sending a cover letter and resume(CV) to

Hiring Insights

Hiring 3 candidates for this role


January 24, 2024

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